[Bf-committers] Code quest weekly meeting notes - 2018-04-13

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 10:33:47 CEST 2018

Code Quest #1 Weekly
13th April, 2018

This week was busy with meetings, where we tried to visit the most polemic
topics of current design, as well as organize what we will work on during
the code quest.

* Engines are in scene only (no longer in workspaces).
* Engines can have draw modes.
* Workbench draw modes are always available regardless of the scene engine.
* Brecht will lead the architecture and implementation of this.

* Static overrides
  - Bastien will lead this development.
  - Joshua will help in regard to proxies.
  - William will handle the UI (user interface).

Dynamic overrides
* Some of this is depsgraph related (Sergey).
* Some of this is workspace related (Brecht).
* But Bastien will try to unify the UI/code with static override as much as

* Proposal of mockups to be finalized. (William + Pablo)
* Only address UI design during the code quest. The creation of engines

* Tools: Sergey + Joshua will work on porting them.
* Modifiers: Campbell will port the main stack, Mai Lavelle (+ taskforce)
will help remotely to port the modifiers themselves.
* Metaballs + curves won't be removed. Sergey will do some changes though.
* Motion path: Not a priority, to be tackled after code quest.
* Time: Pablo will help decide where should time be (workspace, window,
view layer?).
* Physics time decoupling (for pre-rolling): To be decided when it will

* Combing + editing not working, it's feasible to bring them back as they
were. Sergey  or Sybren will work on it.

Animation System:
* Constraints: Joshua will bring 2.7 ones and plan the work for after the
code quest.
* Drivers: Similar to constraints but with polishing during code quest

* EEVEE - roadmap.
 - No new features before workflow is totally polished.
 - Discussed usability issues and specific performance optimization.
 - Headless support is top-priority (command-line --background renders).
 - Indirect light grid needs a solution for playback performance, caching
* Postponed opensubdiv implementation because it requires modifiers changes.
 - We could do it in codequest but it’s not a priority.
* Postponed object motion blur since it requires granular depsgraph.

* William and Campbell are happy with current document, but it needs to be
 - Presentation next week with final proposal.
* Main directions: consistency, predictable, fits with Blender.
* Campbell will do the tool system, operator specifications, widgets.
* William will design specific widgets.
* Top-bar will get much work this week and we see what is the follow up.

Workbench and overlay engines:
* Optimized workspace for animators to use, the mission is to be fast for
animation playback.
* As stated in the workflow topic, each render engine can have its own draw
modes, but workbench engine has its draw modes always present.
* User interface:
 - UI mockups were started but will be finalized.
* Old draw modes are more like options. Maybe shouldn’t keep calling them
draw modes.
* Biggest follow up (by William, Pablo and Jeroen):
 - Mockups for different draw modes.
 - Mockups for the individual mode overlay engines.
 - See if overlay engines can be unified, if they should be per mode or per

Graphic Design, layout and icons
* Lekker [Dutch for delicious] Blender goals:
 - Cleaner and less distracting.
 - Direct manipulation as much as possible.
 - Notifications.
 - Status bar.
 - Responsive UI.

Cached Data Streaming
* Sybren wrote a proposal for that, to be made public soon.
* Needs to be flashed out with production people (Andy, Pablo, …)
* And should be modifier friendly.

* Removing things - agreed to remove BI (Sybren) and GE (Dalai).
* Greasepencil will be reviewed, Bastien and Joshua will help Campbell.

Merging and Others 2
* Merging into master will imply re-opening bug reports for submission.
* Happens 2 days before May 11
* Finish core 2.8 in 4 weeks, spend 2 months in polishing
* Blender Internal and BGE will not be part of 2.7x series.
* How we can organize ourselves.
 - Use phabricator to keep track of tasks.
 - Code Quest project.
 - Agile, print workboard backlog type of a thing.
 - Videos and images for general public.
 - Wiki weekly report.
 - Use code.blender.org.


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