[Bf-committers] macOS minimum version and libraries updated

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Fri Sep 29 23:54:55 CEST 2017

The macOS buildbot has been broken for a while, seems there are multiple

To fix I think we need to do a few things, but I don't have access to this
* Downgrade to Xcode 8.x or upgrade to CUDA 9.x. These are incompatible
now, I guess Xcode was auto updated.
* Remove the /Users/blenderfoundation/blender-buildbot/mac_x86_64_10_6_cmake/build
folder for a clean build
* Update the buildbot master with the new master.cfg that only downloads
the new darwin libraries.

On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 9:01 PM, Brecht Van Lommel <
brechtvanlommel at pandora.be> wrote:

> Hi all,
> As agreed before, Blender master now requires macOS 10.9 minimum, and to
> build you need the new libraries from lib/darwin. This was already the case
> for the blender2.8 branch.
> See here for build instructions, getting the new libraries is as simple as
> running "make update" in latest master. You might need to remove the
> build_darwin folder to get a completely new build.
> https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Doc/Building_Blender/Mac
> Thanks,
> Brecht.

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