[Bf-committers] Blender3D New Features Request.

A Z poweruserm at live.com.au
Sat Sep 23 03:03:53 CEST 2017

To who it may concern,

I'm not sure who should get this to start, however I've tried this email address
as a starting point that developers do see.

I've got a modelling issue that touches on meshes, NURBS surfaces and
freestyle line edges.

The entire thing is visible at the artists forum,


-In this example, one lines group appears and the other doesn't, despite the fact that both situations are parallel identical.
One of these problems begins at frame 380. I should certainly get a symmetrical, consistent display of lines in this situation.
How can I prevent rendering doing my Freestyle Edges so inconsistently?

I need some kind of way, be it via an enhanced layers system or otherwise,
to allow a way to have surfaces, associating strictly with their freestyle line edges,
to "stack" in the subsequent order they are introduced.  By introduced,
I mean brought into surface coincidence. I then need a camera to
render and interpret these coincident surfaces as "stacking",
top down, even though they are coincident.

I need this feature so that I can use blender keyframe animation to simulate a paper
folding situation, where I may "virtualise" away any paper thickness.
I need only use one surface reference on all surfaces, and while my model
is only a mesh one, perhaps in wider theory it implies to NURBS surfaces

Is there anything going on towards version 2.8, or anyone really, who could
take a look at my feature request here and perhaps do something about accomplishing
this?  Or even pointing me in the correct Blender direction if I'm wrong?

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