[Bf-committers] Addons 2.79 release backports

Brendon Murphy meta.androcto1 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 12:52:04 CEST 2017

hi, here's the list of Addons backports for 2.79 release.

3c6eef90704e    Oscurart Tools: Remove duplicate bl_idname entry
9c8805a7af58    Cloud Generator: Fix typo with operator return
e66713cfad6e    fix T52642: math_vis - avoid eror message when
defining an empty array in the… 6314517f4884    *Fixed: Cube and Plane
meta elements were missing since all meta were no longer…

f4d6aad738ae    archipack: background renderer use factory-startup to
prevent other addon issues
3a94eba6d4a1    Cleanup: quiet warnings 6aa1c9aeb6f4    Magic UV: fix
bug (failed to copy/paste UV seam among objects)
426a14a68b90    Fix T52548 missing render layer socket names (fix for
2.79 release)
f1ec09b14510    geodesic domes: help menu/wiki Fix T52554
e2319230ebdd    Fix for previous commit rBAc471c3765bfb0, sorry about
the noise :| 47f54fec4685    update e2f code for non-intersection
c471c3765bfb    Fix stupid mistake (collision) in registered classes
names. 835f4068ae62    Materials Utils Specials: Don't open the Tweak
on all materials 31499a1ae035    archipack: fix performance issue in
draw window/door tools 32dc2209dd67    Add new objects to MESH group
9ab377b23458    Improve to objects to groups. Only set the selected
objects 5e4e29c46813    Correct mistake skipping hidden dirs

Note: object_skinify needs a final commit: T52536

Fix should be incoming any moment.

Campbell could decide if the name changing commits he made are
appropriate for 2.79, if so feel free to add.


Brendon and Vuk

aka: meta-androcto and lijenstina

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