[Bf-committers] 2.79 release commits backport list

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 4 12:42:10 CEST 2017


Last Sunday meeting we decided to do final 2.79 release instead of a 
third RC (basically because this is dragging for too long, and RC's 
never get the kind of testing a real release gets anyways).

Here is a first list of proposed commits to backport, please check yours 
and report if you want some more included (and please remember to add 
small note in your commit messages about it in the future, it helps a lot!):

53ec0e5166a  Fix T52227: Time Slide tool doesn't take NLA mapping into 
44e10a5c66c  Increase max/min frame range to over a million
8d207cdc3b3  Fix T52472: VSE Audio Volume not set immediately
29b2a47a8a3  Fix T52588: Shape key value driver variables of duplicated 
object sets refer to old objects.
dcebad773fd  Fix T52498: Deleting force field doesn't remove "Surface" 
from modifier stack.
fe71c86888f  Fix T52478: Error report "Shrinkwrap: out of memory" on 
invisible target.
5c4fc93f67f  Fix T52538: Outliner crash when displaying groups and using 
Show Active on editmode bone not in any groups
f9a3d01452e  Cycles: Mark pixels with negative values as outliers
e2ffad7823c  Fix T52481: After making all local, local proxies of linked 
data get broken after file save and reload.
dfae3de6bdf  Cycles: Fix stack overflow during traversal caused by 
floating overflow  ??? => Check with Maiself?
5c60721c9e3  Fix T51805: Overlapping volumes renders incorrect on AMD GPU
1a76bc7aeb8  Fix T52218: Missing update when reconnecting node
980a8646d8d  Fix T52466: Silence search for button_context menu type.
46997992882  Fix threading conflict when doing Cycles background render
1155fc94fd1  Fix T52454: Crash in DEG_graph_on_visible_update when 
activating scene layer
47d1f67eab9  Fix T52473: blender internal Fresnel and Layer Weight only 
work with linked normal.
146b0c6b049  Fix T52439: Crash after adjusting lenght of hair particles.

2ca1f297486  BMesh: use predictable order for remove-doubles
cb7f1f81606  Docs: BMesh.from_mesh behavior w/ multiple calls
0b5cabdca5d  Fix T51400: Pasting hex code fails
b07dcb8fb06  Missed last commit
b6b27b06711  Fix T52515: Crash on BMesh.to_mesh()
fa365d5f2f9  Fix minor Mesh -> BMesh conversion issues
e4762980840  Docs: rename var and comment how it's used
0b5b464e823  Correction to last fix
76d695f7611  Fix T52490: NDOF orbit doesn't lock in ortho view
3277bd4031d  Fix T52396: Crash loading template w/o config dir
55861cb2346  PyAPI: avoid instantiating args twice in macro
b8d77c44f11  Cleanup: remove space from filenames
46b9f89f5e4  Tests: fix incorrect check for hidden dir
f09dee5aed3  Fix error in PointerProperty argument list
592dd9dea6a  Modify menu from last commit
361c7cbbc57  Fix T52434: Restore mesh center of mass calculation
f6825d333bf  Fix bpy library load: invalid function signature
2ff9c8a3bc5  PyAPI: avoid redundant PyLong_AsLong call

Will backport those already and make first round of tests (and update 
i18n files) in the meanwhile)


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