[Bf-committers] priority for bevel fix???

Eugenio Pignataro info at oscurart.com.ar
Sat Nov 25 18:04:31 CET 2017

Thanks a bunch! :)

On November 25, 2017 1:55:43 PM GMT-03:00, Ton Roosendaal <ton at blender.org> wrote:
>Just for history - within a day the issue was fixed and closed. :)
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>> On 22 Nov 2017, at 21:46, Nahuel Belich <casillapforos at yahoo.com.ar>
>> This is not a feature request or something like that, im here to ask
>for some priority  in this bug report  developer.blender.org/T53145 if
>its possible. 
>> More or less a month ago appear this bug that makes bevel really
>annoying to use, even if it is possible managing to deal with it using
>operator properties after the bevel gone to 1000000, its being
>mentioned all around, facebook, blenderhoy, even Pablo (venom) was
>asked several times about it in his live streams so it became a problem
>because its not a corner or obscure case, probably every modeler using
>trunk may have to deal with it, even more these was mentioned in
>several duplicated reports  its really common to find, just bevel two
>times in the same object and the bevel value jumps to 1000000. 
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Nahuel Belich 
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