[Bf-committers] priority for bevel fix???

Nahuel Belich casillapforos at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Nov 22 21:46:38 CET 2017

This is not a feature request or something like that, im here to ask for some priority  in this bug report  developer.blender.org/T53145 if its possible. 
More or less a month ago appear this bug that makes bevel really annoying to use, even if it is possible managing to deal with it using operator properties after the bevel gone to 1000000, its being mentioned all around, facebook, blenderhoy, even Pablo (venom) was asked several times about it in his live streams so it became a problem because its not a corner or obscure case, probably every modeler using trunk may have to deal with it, even more these was mentioned in several duplicated reports  its really common to find, just bevel two times in the same object and the bevel value jumps to 1000000. 

Thanks in advance.

Nahuel Belich 

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