[Bf-committers] Cold Start Developer Help Needed!

Habib Gahbiche habibgahbiche at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 18:15:53 CET 2017


if I understand correctly, you are not using proxies for your videos right?
When I try to edit 1080p videos, blender slows down considerably for me but
creating proxies solves the problem. See
for more details.

I can't comment much about the rest of your email since I'm only starting
with blender development myself, but I like the idea of having a forum
instead of relying on IRC.


2017-11-19 17:33 GMT+01:00 dodo1 at videotron.ca <dodo1 at videotron.ca>:

> Hello Dear Developers!
> I have huge preferences for Open Source projects, and I'm quite willing
> and happy to contribute my time whenever I can and when my ideas are
> welcome.  I'm a Blender user, mostly the Video Sequence Editor (VSE).
> It's the only open source video editing software that works reliably
> (I tested all the others that I could find, and they all failed at some
> point).  I'm a C Language humble developer who is quite willing to learn
> Python for Blender's benefit.  I'm a FreeBSD user, so that may help
> address Blender build scripts issues as well.
> That being said, I've hit a huge wall using 4K video footage in Blender's
> VSE.  The slowdown is so bad that Blender is totally unusable.  I have
> ideas to fix this but I need some help to get started.  I checked the
> Blender source code and was at a complete loss, unable to pinpoint small
> areas of code that I could work on just to add a simple feature
> (see later in this email).
> The issue has been raised in the mailing list recently.  I think that
> info shared on IRC is too volatile.  It's definitely not appropriate
> if you want to increase the number of contributors.  There's no
> knowledge base, so it's an eternal cold start for every potential
> developer.
> A better solution is to create a developer discordapp.com server
> (free service for all).  The benefit is that chats can be structured
> around precise topic channels, and there is also the possibility of
> voice channels when need be.  There's basic search available as well.
> The Wiki is good if it can be kept up to date.  The ultimate solution
> is a developer forum.  I vote for that!  Any application usage questions
> should be redirected to the other available venues to keep things
> relevant for developers.  If you want the developer community to grow,
> it's very important for them to have a reliable source of info available
> in the simplest and fastest way possible.
> When doing video editing, the text font change feature is an absolute
> given.  Blender should certainly have it.  Could someone point me in the
> right direction within the source code in order to implement this change?
> I did a global search of the word TEXT, and never found anything relevant.
> Next projects:
> Next features I would like to work on is adding a SCALE option in the
> IMAGE and VIDEO STRIPS.  Use of a modifier strip on top of them is
> totally unnecessary and unproductive for the end-user.  Also,
> the modifiers have rendering issues in the current implementation.
> But I'll ask help for that later as I'm not quite there as a
> developer yet.
> Since I'm writing this email, I'm sending this Blender Issue out there
> with the hope that it will be received favorably, and kept for further
> considerations in upcoming Blender releases.
> When editing videos, the preview window is very important on a frame
> by frame basis.  In Blender, this is the VSE preview window.  However,
> when handling 4K video footage, it becomes very sluggish.  I suspect
> that window refreshes are calculated on the fly, redrawn, then user
> control interactivity can resume.  This process is no longer viable
> when dealing with 4K video footage.  To optimize this process, there
> should perhaps be a low priority thread that grabs all the window
> refresh requests, and refreshes the window at its own pace (using only
> the latest refresh data, discarding the old queued refresh data).
> With this parallel process, the user control interactivity (move to
> next or previous frame, play, stop, etc...) can happen uninterrupted,
> which is utterly important for the end-user.  The preview refresh will
> eventually occur when it will be ready, and it's perfectly OK this way.
> If one wants it to work faster, one just need to upgrade to a faster
> CPU.  Win! Win!  Also Blender can easily be used on slower computers
> for users on low budget.
> Test case, load a 4K video footage in a video strip.  Move anywhere
> within the strip and press the back arrow 5 times quickly in a row.
> When the end-user does that, he's not interested to see the
> intermediate frames in the VSE preview window.  Only the end result
> is important.
> That's it for now.  More about me:
> https://github.com/fossette
> Dominique.
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