[Bf-committers] shadow/normals control question

Михаил Беляев miha7lych at mail.ru
Wed Nov 15 20:56:35 CET 2017

Hi guys!

Don't think my letter should be directed to NPR section, also I haven't found any themes about vertex normals and shadows/light, but I'm sorry if I just wrote to the wrong email.

Not to waste your precious time, I'll start to question himself: are there any plans on adding some convenient shadow/vertex normals control? 

Yes, I know about data transfer or blen4web add-on, but last doesn't work for cycles and data transfer is too difficult to use and you can't always get the result you want. I mean something like Softimage's vertex paint for shadow control, easy and ready to go (examples: https://youtu.be/YE-AnfhqZqg and https://youtu.be/peI18FqIrms). I think this feature can help both NPR and realistic renders, so I hope you are planning this or, at least, will hear me.

Best regards, 

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