[Bf-committers] Blender 2.8 planning notes 08/05/17

Clément FOUCAULT foucault.clem at gmail.com
Thu May 11 13:53:19 CEST 2017

Hi, meeting notes for this Monday Blender 2.8 planning. (with a bit of

Meeting Log:

Summary of last week:
* Sergey was doing some CDDM hack to support solid draw mode in order to
get closer to the core profile switch. Also finished first version of DEG
* Clément worked on postprocesses for Eevee to get eye candy visuals soon.
Done Bloom, Motion Blur, and nearly finished DoF porting.
* Luca finished weight paint, and implemented vertex paint drawing. Both
are fully working.
* Campbell started reviewing the workspaces branch, fixed DWM-GL render
support, backbuffer selection, draw state switching fix and worked on
pose-mode. (
* Dalai worked on cycles in draw manager, some pose engine work, and
overridable scene render settings. (

Focus is on:
* Continue modernizing OpenGL
* Porting over functionality to the draw-manager [1]

Plan for the week:
* Sergey will finish CDDM ogl port. publish DEG doc and maybe start DEG.
* Campbell : port sculpt mode to Draw Manager.
* Clément will tackle Eevee UI and finish post processes. Investigate
Performance problems.
* Luca : Particle drawing in Draw Manager.
* Bastien : fix viewport world material update, continue helping Draw
* Dalai : Cycles render bug, write design doc for Draw Manager UI/UIX, F12
render for realtime engines.



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