[Bf-committers] Blender 2.8 planning notes 01/05/17

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Mon May 1 18:01:30 CEST 2017


Regarding dashed lines (i.e. setlinestyle() util), finished refactor of 
that shader and replacing last bits of usages in Blender code, aside 
from three files:

* drawmanager.c: this is a state/context thing, it cannot be directly 
converted to shader approach (same issue with linewidth btw), not sure 
how to handle this, maybe create another tasks about that?

* drawmesh.c and drawobject.c: Those have most of the remaining calls, 
question here is, should I port them? If I have understood correctly, 
those files won't be used at all in near future, once we fully switch to 
drawmanager, correct? in that case, we can either remove the 
setlinestyle calls (with a comment that it needs dashed line), or just 
keep them around for now?


Le 01/05/2017 à 11:43, Campbell Barton a écrit :
> Hi, meeting notes for today's Blender 2.8 planning.
> Meeting Log:
> Summary of last week:
> * Bastien worked on dashed lines and is working on a new version with
> geometry shader.
> * Campbell worked on draw manager selection/depth buffer drawing, text
> overlays and getting pose-mode basics usable.
> * Clément: Worked on supporting shader nodes in eevee engine.
> * Dalai got preview thumbnails to work (world/materials) - for BI and
> cycles, cycles viewport preview and cycles render to work (using
> depsgraph, so no modifiers for now)
> * Luca worked on getting weight painting working with the draw manager
> (and a little bit of Base conversions too iirc).
> * Sergey worked on sampling, DoF roughness hack for glossy. Fixes for
> broken textures in OpenCL for AMD.
> Focus is on:
> * Continue modernizing OpenGL
> * Porting over functionality to the draw-manager [1]
> Initial planning:
> * Bastien: budget 1-2 days to finish dashed lines (hopefully one is
> enough), then move on to working on the draw manager.
> * Campbell: draw manager and merge work-spaces branch into 2.8.
> * Clément: work on the eevee output node.
> * Dalai: integrate external engines with draw manager [2]
> * Luca: Vertex/weight paint support with drawing options.
> * Sergey: depsgraph/2.8x related tasks.
> Other developers are of course welcome to join the tasks.
> (See [1], it includes some smaller TODO's for the draw manager).
> [1]: https://developer.blender.org/T51202
> [2]: https://developer.blender.org/T51374

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