[Bf-committers] GSOC 2017 improving python editor

andij.cr at gmail.com andij.cr at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 17:16:29 CEST 2017

hi, i'm in the process of writing a proposal for blender summer of code.

I have a background in c++14 and improving my knowledge in python3, and i
wonder if a proposal about improving the python editor in blender is
something that has any chance of being accepted.

i'm thinking about features that take inspiration from jupyter notebooks,
like cell structure, the possibility to edit and execute cells
independentely, and so on.

I got the idea while developing a small project where i needed to convert
an equirectangular texture to another format, using texture baking from a
lat-lon sphere to another solid, and finding that it was easier for me to
do this work by hand than to workout a script to automate the process.

thank you for your time.

Andrea Barbadoro https://github.com/andijcr <http://goo.gl/abpvJ>  _
Mail: andij.cr at gmail.com _

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