[Bf-committers] Blender Mantaflow integration

Sebastián Barschkis sebbas at sebbas.org
Mon Mar 13 22:00:55 CET 2017


glad to hear that and thanks for the encouraging words!

Yes, there is a new "no python" option. However, I wasn't part of it's development and so far, there weren't any plans to use it in Blender.
I'll have to ask Nils (not sure if he's on this list) about the purpose of this API.

Although the plan for Blender is still to build the new fluid solver around Python and geared towards a nodes setup, it still might be nice to work a bit on this C++ API. That way, we could replicate a Manta Python scene in plain C++ and see how it compares to the current Python script approach performance-wise (get some numbers).

And yes, I'd say involvement is definitely welcome! I can ask Nils about the Manta C++ API plans and who's currently working on it. Other than that, help with getting the branch stable and ready for review is also appreciated.

Best wishes,

> On 13 Mar 2017, at 00:01, David Ullmann <robozyt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all!
> Had some time to check back on Mantaflow and got interested again! Cool to
> see progress on your branch Sebastián - I'm still desperately waiting for
> the day when I can use Mantaflow based simulations in Blender :)
> I noticed that Mantaflow now has an option for building without Python glue
> code, although with limited functionality... This brings me to my point,
> you wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 3:23 PM Sebastián Barschkis <sebbas at sebbas.org>
> wrote:
>> ...
>> Yesterday I also spoke to Nils and we discussed some of the concerns that
>> were
>> raised earlier. As for the "Python vs. C++ API" question, we are for now
>> going
>> to stay on track with Python.
>> Yes, I admit some clean up needs to be done. However, having direct access
>> to
>> the solver might come in handy later on.
>> I think it also good to use what we already have, as we can now expand from
>> smoke sims to liquids sims. An official Mantaflow C++ API might come
>> anyway, so
>> there is no need to build a "special" one for Blender.
> Are you and Nils still planning to build this C++ API and expose more
> functionality? Is it possible/welcome to get active and help you somehow?
> Keep up the good work,
> best regards
> David
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