[Bf-committers] Animating scene properties - getting to know the codebase

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Mar 13 20:31:49 CET 2017

Hi Joshua,

On 13/03/2017 07:20, Joshua Leung wrote:
> 1) BKE_animsys_evaluate_all_animation()  is (or should only be) used for
> the old depsgraph. The new depsgraph actually has proper nodes for
> evaluating the animation on each datablock, so we don't need something like
> this anymore. Therefore, at some point (maybe it's already done in the 2.8
> branch) this stuff is going away.

I'm not sure that what you say applies to the sequencer. I tried the
blender2.8 branch, and while the pristine branch exposed the bug, after
applying my patch (which touches BKE_animsys_evaluate_all_animation()
only) the bug went away. Which indeed shows that that method is still in
If you like, you can try this .blend file:

Regardless of this bug, I notice a regression with 2.8 WRT the
sequencer: while in 2.7x I could scrub through the scene and see the
correct preview, under 2.8 the preview is almost never correct and it
only gets updated if I press the "Refresh sequencer" button.


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