[Bf-committers] Colour Pickers and Apple P3 Filmic Update

Troy Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 05:58:35 CET 2017

Greetings all.

I'm hoping that there are a few people out there with Apple P3 displays.
This would include all 2016 MacBook Pros, as well as the 2015 iMac P3
models, and likely any Apple desktop devices released this year and onward.

The reference space in Blender is currently set to use BT.709 / sRGB based
primaries. That means that the colour of the lights are of three particular
and unique colours. For those that are aware of the Filmic transforms,
there is a new Apple P3 display variant that is designed to test the
default sRGB EOTF output.

An interesting side note regarding the Blender UI, that I think Campbell or
the Grumpy Russian might be able to answer...

It seems when I change to the new Filmic Apple P3 display, that the colour
picker for setting RGB albedo values becomes constricted. This is
surprising and rather extraordinary at the same time. I believe that the
pickers use the View transform selected, and I think this constricting
behaviour is due to the pickers preventing of negative values? This would
happen when someone attempts to select a value that is within the Apple P3
gamut, but beyond the BT.709 / sRGB gamut.

Is this a correct deduction?

More information:
Filmic Development Branch:

Thanks everyone for their eyes and testing...

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