[Bf-committers] [GSoC 2017] Motion Tracking

Lucas Mota lmotaribeiro at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 00:40:41 CET 2017


I approached you because I have some questions about the GSoC and the two
projects involving the motion tracking tool that I got interested the most.
Should any further discussion about the project be made on
bf-vfx at blender.org or somewhere else?

Recently I discussed with friends and the #blendercoders IRC to know any
previous GSoC experience. One of my main worries is the dedication time.
I'm doing an internship developing mainly in C++ of 20h weekly and studying
22h weekly this semester (both not done in weekends). As, in Brazil we just
have a two weeks summer vacation, I plan to leave the internship as soon as
I start and compensate if needed in my weekends. As I presume, most of the
work will be in the second semester, I plan to get even less papers (around
16h weekly). Did you have any tips or previous experience with students in
my situation to make it possible ?

Since last year when I saw in GSoC 2016 the projects related to Motion
Tracking I wanted to join, but, at the time, I didn't had the experience
and the time to dedicate. Having the time and some developer experience
from the internship, probably I lack the most about theory related to
Motion Tracking. My CS course have a good approach on Math(Calculus 1 to 3,
Linear Algebra, Number Theory...) but we don't have any course related to
computer graphics. Having done just some Browser JS drawing animated 2D
grass and self-taught the basics of image processing, I lack much in the
graphics area. As more experienced in the area, any recommendation of
material to study so I can elaborate my proposal and be prepared enough for
the task ? Should I choose a easier task ?

Any other idea, recommendation or tip is welcome.

Best Regards,

Lucas Mota Ribeiro

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