[Bf-committers] Need to access more ffmpeg options for a big pipeline job.

Thomas Volkmann lists at thomasvolkmann.com
Mon Mar 6 11:59:04 CET 2017

over the coming months (hopefully years) we need to create hundreds of small
movies, by just replacing logos, audio and edit orders, and I would love Blender
to be part of that automated pipeline.
Unfortunately the only thing missing at the moment is to be able add a
compressor-effect to the final audio during encoding. There is a commandline
option for that in ffmpeg, but unfortunately I can't access it from Blender. 
Can someone give me an estimation on how hard it would be (as in what needs to
be done) to get this to work, so we could use a custom build for that?
Adding a inbetween renderstep is not an option, and we probably would lookout
for other solutions before going that route.
Any information on this is highly appreciated!

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