[Bf-committers] Blender 2.8 planning notes 2017-06-26

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 11:24:43 CEST 2017

Hi, notes from Today's 2.8 planning meeting.

= Last week reports =

* Bastien: ID copying and bug tracker. ID copying is mostly finished
and important to copy-on-write, static overrides and asset managers:

* Campbell: Custom manipulators Python API is done on basic level with
code-samples. All the code from the branch is now merged into 2.8:

* Dalai: Mixed mixes and UI changes. Focus on rendering to image
pipeline and eevee shader compilation issues:

* Clément: Ambient Occlusion, all Light probes and sorted fixes and

* Luca: Uncommitted hair UV and texture support for Eevee. Sorted 2.8
tasks: use material output for eevee nodes, confirmed cycles preview
fix (and finished cloth videos).

= The week's plan =

* Bastien: Finish ID copying, and work on the 2.79 release and bug tracker.

* Campbell: Mix of Batch optimization and manipulators loose ends.

* Dalai: Handle anti-aliasing situation for viewport render,
investigate the shader issue a bit further (see T51467), and do
render/material preview for Eevee.

* Clément: Finish uber shader and carry on with Eevee roadmap as planned.

* Luca: Commit and polish hair uv/texture code and tackle 2.8 tracker bugs.


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