[Bf-committers] Excuse me

Mario Rossi rossi.mario92rm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 12:42:47 CEST 2017

Please, accept my apologies.
I'm more of a sysadmin than a developer, I'm not even an artist.
I got very enthusiast about this project, it sounded like a good idea.
Talking later with Ivano, we acknowledged there's much more sense using GraphicsMagick, FFMpeg and SoX for this (as they're already done).
Maybe we still miss a command line only modeler, maybe Blender will fill the gap someday, maybe not.
I'm dropping this anyhow.

Again, excuse me for spamming the list, it was not my intention.
I still learned a good start for this project, if I'd like to do this in the future.

Time to move on...

I'll unsubscribe, as it's pointless to me to stay.

Bye, Mario.

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