[Bf-committers] Please merge your master work in blender2.8 immediately

Gaia Clary gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Wed Jul 5 11:35:58 CEST 2017

Hi, Bastien;

I have been trying to do the requested merge but i failed to understand 
how to do it.
I followed advise from IRC and documentation from git and i ended up 
doing this:

git checkout master
git fetch
git pull --rebase
git checkout blender2.8
git merge master

This did not merge my most recent commits from master to blender2.8. So 
trying out a lot of things to fix that, i finally deleted the git 
repository from my
computer and cloned it again according to the documentation here:


Then i tried again to merge master into blender2.8
However all my recent changes in master still do not
show up in blender2.8 regardless what i try.

I am sure that i overlook something very basic here, but i just can not
figure out what the problem is. I know i am supposed to know how to
work with git. But please can you give me a tip how to proceed as i am
totally stuck :(

thanks a lot,

On 03.07.2017 16:37, Bastien Montagne wrote:
> This is a reminder to all developers : when you commit something in
> master, that goes beyond the oneliner and has even a remote possibility
> of creating a conflict with blender2.8 branch, please handle the merge
> in that branch immediately yourself. Can save a lot of time for someone
> else to figure out what is the issue, what work was done in both
> branches, and how to solve the conflicts.
> This could be simplified to: always merge master in blender2.8 after you
> did some commit there.
> Also, related: DO NOT make 'cleanup' things like adding/removing spaces
> or blank lines in blender2.8, unless you are rewriting the whole piece
> of code! This can easily create stupid virtual conflicts later. If you
> want to do style or cosmetic cleanup, do it in master, merge in
> blender2.8, and everyone is happy.
> Thanks,
> Bastien
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