[Bf-committers] UPBGE merge question/plan.

tristan panzer republicthunderbolt9 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 17:37:36 CET 2017

Hi, upbge team share with main devs/project leaders this editable document
copy. The goals:

- Ask fundamental questions about the possibility to keep BGE alive in 2.8
with upbge update.
- See if upbge can be compatible with 2.8 project.
- Inform devs on what we did.
- Tell who we are.

- Make a discussion possible with BF devs about upbge project (The document
can be edited by all people who have the link)
- Try to get infos/answers about the questions we are asking ourselves.
- Try to coordinate a bit.

- The doc has 4 pages + 1 page dedicated to a bad joke.
- The person to who we will send the link: merwin, dfelinto, hypersomniac,
kaito, Severin, mont29, Moguri, Kupoman, Brecht, Blendify...
We don't know all devs who might be interested/concerned.

If you have infos/commit links/ideas/proposals/answers... that could
interest us, could you add it in the shared doc please?

Thanks very much for your attention!

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