[Bf-committers] Surface Deform Modifier call for testers and reviewers

Luca Rood dev at lucarood.com
Wed Jan 11 07:04:21 CET 2017

Hey everyone,

The SDef Modifier is here at last! :D

The diff for review is here: https://developer.blender.org/D2462
And the user docs are here: https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Lucarood/SurfaceDeform

Anyone who'd like to test it would be greatly appreciated!
Note that the diff depends on two other diffs, so if you just want to test it, it is probably more straight forward to just checkout the surface-deform-modifier branch instead. (https://developer.blender.org/diffusion/B/browse/surface-deform-modifier/)

I have not yet added any reviewers to the diff, as I'm actually unsure who is best suited to review this (though I think Bastien and Sergey are probably pretty safe bets, no? :P).
Anyway, anyone who has any insight feel free to drop by and leave your thoughts :)
I'll look for reviewers on IRC tomorrow.

I guess that's it :)

Thanks and regards,


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