[Bf-committers] Query and Help

siddhi warade siddhi.warade at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 14:18:16 CET 2017

Dear Sir,

I have been working  on blender since a year now. Its an amazing platform
for new developer. We have been working on a project on webGL  and until
now blender has been of great help to us.

So we have created characters in Blender (cycle render) which are UV baked
and exported to three.js and we want to click on the character to get a pop
up window. And we are using ray casting to achieve it. But the issue is the
ray can not identify the object individually as the characters  have a
textured material and not blender internal material.

Can you please help us solve this issue as we are stuck as this thing for a
couple of months now.
It could be for great help to us if you can suggest us some alternate way
or identify the main issue.

Thanking You,
Siddhi Warade

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