[Bf-committers] Bug Fixing process survey

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Thu Feb 16 14:26:11 CET 2017

Hi Eibriel,

I am not sure what you want this for, or what this will be used for, or what the use in general.
Making good questionnaires is hard and often a huge waste of time for everyone. Usually it just satisfies personal curiosity.

In the future, I would appreciate it when people who feel the urge to send questionnaires to this list, to suppress that feeling.

When people think that our bug fixing process needs to be improved, I'd be happy to discuss it here.

All the best,


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> On 16 Feb 2017, at 13:06, Eibriel <eibriel at eibriel.com> wrote:
> Thanks to all developers that completed the survey.
> If you are new with Blender, with zero or just a couples of commits don't be shy, this survey is exactly for you!
> Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/u6CQ3clsRBrGiVnw1
> Thanks!
> Eibriel
> El 13 de febrero de 2017 19:50:17 GMT-03:00, Eibriel <eibriel at eibriel.com> escribió:
>> Hi! I'm doing a small survey to spot bottlenecks on the Bug Fixing
>> process,
>> https://goo.gl/forms/u6CQ3clsRBrGiVnw1
>> please feel free to fill it, and share it! (I don't have Twitter)
>> Thanks! :D
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> Eibriel
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