[Bf-committers] Bug Fixing process survey

Eibriel eibriel at eibriel.com
Thu Feb 16 13:06:35 CET 2017

Thanks to all developers that completed the survey.
If you are new with Blender, with zero or just a couples of commits don't be shy, this survey is exactly for you!

Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/u6CQ3clsRBrGiVnw1


El 13 de febrero de 2017 19:50:17 GMT-03:00, Eibriel <eibriel at eibriel.com> escribió:
>Hi! I'm doing a small survey to spot bottlenecks on the Bug Fixing
>please feel free to fill it, and share it! (I don't have Twitter)
>Thanks! :D


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