[Bf-committers] Blender 2.8 meeting nodes - 01/02/2017

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 19:03:37 CET 2017

Hi all,

Here are the notes from last week's meeting in irc.freenode.net #blendercoders

Due to the length of the topics, the meeting covered mainly the
viewport. We'll try to make a similar meeting more regularly so we can
keep it short in the future.

1) OpenGL Refactor

Proposal is to finish task forces by April. Need more people, the
trend of current work on it doesn’t suggest things would be done by

Switch the focus from review in tracker for approved tasks, to review
code direct in blender2.8. Contributors are encouraged to commit
straight there as long as it’s not their first take on it.

Mike Erwin to make document for Matrix API task force, to be posted in 2 weeks.
Coordinated by Mike Erwin and Dalai Felinto.

Luca Rood, Clément Foucault and Dalai Felinto will work on every
Monday, Tuesdays and half Wednesday on OpenGL Refactor related tasks.
Other developers are encouraged to join.

2) Layers

Julian Eisel will work in the interface. His plan is to make a generic
table drawing API, and use for the Collection Manager editor
(render-layers branch).

Dalai Felinto will work on the rest (Collection Manager Operators,
Override, Finalize Base > ObjectBase, Merge into blender2.8). It
should be done by April.

3) Shaders / Engines

Alexander Romanov - started to make python shader nodes using design
document. Simple examples which use current GLSL library are working

The core part (API) is what the clay-engine project is about, and what
Clément Foucault has been working with Dalai Felinto. It needs to have
a more clear deliverables so people can follow the progress. This
(clay-engine) is the groundwork for the drawing manager API, and for
the future engines thus need to be finished ASAP.

Game Engine (UPBGE) discussion is postponed. This is a big topic on
its own (merge, review, new OpenGL, PBR materials)

4) Miscellaneous

Selection code - needs someone (Julian Eisel has a branch with a
simple approach, but it wil require a more robust CPU solution),
Sergey Sharybin, Mike Erwin and Julian Eisel will study this further.
Target is April-July.

GPU Manager - needs someone (Mike Erwin is interested, Sergey Sharybin
is the fallback). Target is April-July.

5) Workflow / UI
(briefly covered due to the length of the meeting)

Julian Eisel will be at the institute for 3 weeks in March, working on
Workspace and Viewport Interface. Bastien Montagne will finish static
override before finishing asset management.

Julian, Bastian and Dalai will visit those topics once Julian is on
board. Perhaps with Bastian visit to the institute.

6) Depsgraph
(briefly covered due to the length of the meeting)

Pending features:
* Performance
* Overrides
* Layer/Collections
* New Base / Object integration

Sergey Sharybin is working on Cycles, and lacking time to work on
this. Basically the pending tasks are related to deliver the proper
data for the new layer system.


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