[Bf-committers] FreeStyle SVG Exporter hint/light bug

Ivano Da Milano sabscripcions at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 05:36:57 CET 2017

Hello everyone.
I tried to use FreeStyle SVG exporter with many shapes, edges are always
exported right, while fills aren't.
I just came with a solution: I guess the SVG Exporter doesn't use the
layers concept - not layers as I could mean with eg Gimp, here I mean
layers as in Inkscape (send to front/bottom, lower, raise, etc).
This could be why if an edge overlaps another the lower edge gets filled
weirdly (see here for an example:

But, in Inkscape (as well as any vector graphic editor) the 2 shapes would
be 2 different paths, with 2 different fill color (eventually gradient)
and, most important, they're filled right.

So, I guess the SVG Exporter "flattens" the exported paths to just one,
while allowing to draw each shape on its path and arrange the depth
correctly would make the difference.

Sorry for being so verbose, but I'm not a developer and I don't either know
if I'm totally right about this, just wanted to make sure you can
understand what I mean.

Please, let me know if I've been unclear or if I misunderstood anything, or
anything else.

Bye, Ivano.

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