[Bf-committers] 2.79a release - proposed list of commits

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 14:29:04 CET 2017

Hi, from own 'maybe' commits, +1 for all except two:

Changes to boolean ended up having multiple commits afterwards which
probably won't apply cleanly.
The current state in master is good AFAICS, however the changes needed
might be too intrusive for a point release.


rB892d304ded   2017/09/14   Campbell Barton                  Fix
T52291: Boolean fails w/ co-linear edged ngons
rBfdb8e17936   2017/09/15   Campbell Barton                  Fix error
in recent boolean changes w/ quad split


All good:

rBf56fea3d6b   2017/09/11   Campbell Barton                  Fix
T52701: Mesh shortest path fails at boundaries
rB8c21003248   2017/09/14   Campbell Barton                  Fix
T52748: Select shortest face path fails
rBfc7ac0bc49   2017/09/14   Campbell Barton                  Correct
error in last commit
rB7c8e87fc52   2017/09/15   Campbell Barton                  Fix
T52384: Bridge pair result depends on other loops
rBa850d74312   2017/09/16   Campbell Barton                  Fix
T51074: Boolean modifier inverts operation
rB9a2f7dd77b   2017/09/19   Campbell Barton                  Correct
recent error in boolean quad split check
rB2103194f79   2017/10/25   Campbell Barton                  Fix
T53004: XWayland ignores cursor-warp calls
rBed3b7a5cd4   2017/11/20   Campbell Barton                  Fix
T53342: Outliner 'select hierarchy' broken
rB1f95347882   2017/12/14   Campbell Barton                  Fix
T53322: Collada export crash w/ shape keys
rB076616898b   2017/12/18   Campbell Barton                  Fix
T53577: Rake sculpt/paint wrong on first step

rBd19d094ca9b    Campbell Barton         Fix incorrect allocation size


Went over other commits and thing these should be included too:

rB974053f7e Fix brush reset (missing notifier)
rB775c773cf Fix sculpt secondary color missing some brushes
rBb29e37ed8 Docs: add note for bmesh face_split_edgenet
rB8fb2e4619 Edit Mesh: click extrude, ensure inverse matrix
rB3859f5ec2 Docs: correct descriptions
rBc93cfcbb6 Fix edge-split bmesh operator giving empty result
rB8661ab12a Fix BMesh PyAPI internal flag clearing logic
rB136f33b09 Fix T53143: Knife Crash after Grid Fill
rB1d409defb Docs: clarify return value for BVH API
rB69b516590 WM: minor correction to user-pref writing
rB326efb431 Fix T53274: Saving template prefs overwrites default prefs
rB855799ecc Fix T53430: Cut at the strip end fails w/ endstill
rB4a734325f bl_app_override: support empty UI layout items
rB7a58ff928 Math Lib: signed versions of quaternion angle
rBe418c858 3D View: use shortest angle between quaternions

On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 10:05 PM, Bastien Montagne
<montagne29 at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> So… looks like our list of commits to backport is too long, even the ML
> server does not want to swallow it. :)
> Here is the list we gathered, Sergey and I: http://pasteall.org/737326
> First part are commits we think should be included, please double-check
> yours though.
> Second part are commits we should rather not backport, though they might be
> considered. Please check them to see if you really want to include some.
> You may also suggest other commit of course, just keep in mind that we want
> only fixes, preferably not complex ones unless they address some critical
> issue. Enhancements or new features are only possible if they are really
> dead simple code wise.
> Thanks and happy Christmas,
> Bastien
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- Campbell

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