[Bf-committers] 2.79a release - proposed list of commits

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Wed Dec 27 12:05:11 CET 2017

So… looks like our list of commits to backport is too long, even the ML 
server does not want to swallow it. :)

Here is the list we gathered, Sergey and I: http://pasteall.org/737326

First part are commits we think should be included, please double-check 
yours though.

Second part are commits we should rather not backport, though they might 
be considered. Please check them to see if you really want to include some.

You may also suggest other commit of course, just keep in mind that we 
want only fixes, preferably not complex ones unless they address some 
critical issue. Enhancements or new features are only possible if they 
are really dead simple code wise.

Thanks and happy Christmas,

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