[Bf-committers] Blender 2.8 planning notes 2017-08-28

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 11:36:51 CEST 2017

Here are the notes from today's 8 UTC meeting in irc.freenode.net

= Last Week =

* Bastien: Summary: half week of work, got some basic Amber [0] repo
editing working, need to flesh this out now.

* Campbell: Misc tasks, continue w/ manipulator internal API, not as
much on front-end as I'd have liked - also fixes and patch review.

* Dalai: Wrote up usability design doc [1] (to be ported to wiki), and
fix orto/generated texture coordinates.

* Clément: Tried implementing soft shadow method, however multiple
attempts of realtime shadow failed.

* Luca: Started port of hair editing/combing in 2.8.

* Sergey: Tangent optimizations, Cycles benchmarks, and 2.79 DEG bug fixes

= This Week =

* Bastien: Tracker, and hopefully some time for more asset work too.
* Campbell: Suspect 1/3 of week or so will be spent on random release
stuff. Otherwise continue with manipulator
* Dalai: Move the usability design to wiki, post on mailing list, then
start usability for workbench engine, and object/edit modes.
* Clément: Fixing the shadow system, getting sun shadows to work, and
use multiple shadow maps for area lights.
* Sergey: Taking some time off.

= Other =

- More manual fixes is required by Eevee testers:

[0]: https://developer.blender.org/T46049
[1]: https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.8/Source/Usability/SceneOrganizationWorkspace

- Campbell

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