[Bf-committers] Tokens For paths.

Eugenio Pignataro info at oscurart.com.ar
Thu Aug 17 15:40:02 CEST 2017

Hello folks:
We been discussing for a while now among work partners, and i would like 
to point out something that its very important at the moment of setting 
up rendering sequences.

Usually we do render different scenes with linked objects/data  inside 
the same blend file, without using "render layers", this is due to the 
flexibility that provide the rendering of related sequences on different 
scenes, one little example its the possibility of rendering a  RGB pass 
overriding materials next to the beauty scene.

In the old and dead u.u   softimage the used to use something like 


For example, they used something like [Pass] or [Framebuffer] for being 
replaced by the Scene name. For us this would be something like  
/media/files/proyxx/[bpy.context.scene.name <http://bpy.context.scene.name>]

At the moment we do this using the Oscurart Tools addon, but may be 
implemented in the trunk.

Thanks so much!!

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