[Bf-committers] Notes regarding HMD_viewport meeting

Joey Ferwerda joeyferweda at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 15:02:33 CEST 2017

So i had a meeting regarding merging of the HMD_viewport with Sergey and
Dalai and we have made the following decision.

There are a couple of small things that need to be corrected in the next
couple of days based on feedback.

* The Lens Distortion shader for the Vive needs new parameters (getting
recalibrate real soon)
* Convergence of the virtual cursor on the Vive needs the same fix as the
primary projection matrix got the 12th
* Because windows turns off the Oculus when no driver is used, already
start the driver on creation of the HMD window to be able to setup the

Couple of things need to be researched as well.

* (Toggle for enable/disable) Vsync in the HMD viewports, while forcing to
use the HMD window as primary Vsync source
At the moment performance can be bad if Vsync is forced by driver and
applied on the wrong screen, and blender does not handle this well.
Disabling Vsync (sometimes in the driver) solves this.
Add basic information to the documentation, and implement Vsync handling
for the HMD window/viewports.

Temporary documentation host can be found on

Dalai will do final testing by Wednesday to decide if the branch is ready
for Master, if so it will be merged directly, otherwise it will be skipped
for 2.79 but made a official buildbot branch.

Thanks to Dalai and Sergey for the valuable feedback.


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