[Bf-committers] Revisions for the final 2.78

Sergey Sharybin sergey.vfx at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 12:39:33 CEST 2016


We are working on getting 2.78 finally released.

here are the lists of revisions ported to the branch since Release
Candidate 2.


3b6ce41 Fix memory leak in copy pose operator
804f6bf fix Mac build with Xcode 8
fe28e35 Fix T49179: Parts of mesh disappear with adaptive subdivision
e007552 Fix Py's IDs user mapping: do not consider proxy_from here.
a2a5ae5 Fix Py's IDs user mapping: do not consider ShapeKeys' from here.
a8ed914 Fix crash in some cases when deleting particle systems.
ddbbcbb Fix filebrowser not getting back to valid dir in Release builds.
4b046c5 Fix T49372: Fresnel node: difference between 2.76 and 2.78 GLSL
0552d58 Fix T49384: crash in tangent space calculation with NaN mesh
6c28d3b Fix T49245: Adaptive Subdivision with Auto Smooth causes weird mesh
772dab9 Cycles: Fix typo that would sometimes result in subsurf modifier
being disabled
722226b CacheFile: make sure SpinLock is destroyed when exiting Blender.
cc9d0ef Lowercase includes for psapi.h and dbghelp.h windows includes. This
makes cross compilation a little less painful
1f5cd85 Fix T49375: align rotation with snap target isn't toggleable in
edit mode.
f2da63c Fix T49386: Blender crashes when told to load an OCIO LUT that does
not exist
2382d1c regression fix for 1346482d23f167fa57049128384246397fda8d27: The
length of leaf bones should always be set to the length of the smallest
bone. since the mentioned commit the importer did only recalculate the leaf
bone length when the 'fix leaf bones' option was also enabled.
0b9cfbf GPencil D+W Pie: Don't show editing operators when not in editmode
586c589 Fix: Grease Pencil sculpting crashes when sculpting on layers
without any strokes
c77da24 Fix non-finite normalization factor in certain cases
f339d5a [windows] add some helpers to make.bat to facilitate making release
42c17cb Bring blender_release.cmake uptodate with the changes from D2227
f915ee8 CMake: Fix copy-paste error
8f28441 Cycles: Adaptive isolation
940f360 Cycles: Fix update of subdivision meshes when global dice rates
7994548 Cycles: Soft minimum for dice rates


b9c3f23 Urgent fix: T49403 Fix for broken change tab category feature: user
preferences save was broken
0872705 Manual Reference: add links for object tab
959f9d2 Fix T49357: OBJ importer cannot deal with texture names with spaces.
510cd44 Use relative import
5b7b6a5 Referance Manual: Fix links

With best regards, Sergey Sharybin

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