[Bf-committers] Revisions backported to 2.78-rc2

Sergey Sharybin sergey.vfx at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 11:12:04 CEST 2016

Forgot to mention revision ranges.

For blender.git it/s 0e5089c..a267710.

For addons it's 06dad53..64bb669.

On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 10:40 AM, Sergey Sharybin <sergey.vfx at gmail.com>

> Hey everyone,
> Just for the protocol.
> List of blender.git commits backported to 2.78 branch:
> 27c64e3 Fix T49229: ID user decrement error when deleting group instance
> twice.
> 6c0307f Fix T49228: Separate by material, materials dissappear after
> reload.
> 95cb714 fix: not initialised variable can crash blender (related to
> modifiers with cage editing enabled)
> e76e8fc Fix a few OpenCL compiler warnings.
> 2024cd0 Fix T49249: Alembic export with multiple hair systems crash blender
> 569a13f Alembic: fix parenting issues when an object has multiple
> curves/points subobjects.
> 0bd87b1 Cycles: Fix unreported - Missing node group for the Camera Node
> e35a87c API doc: add new pure-rsync py script to update API doc on Blender
> server.
> 56c798e API doc update script: Fix generated zipfile name, was broken in
> 'release' case...
> 83ae39c CMake: Skip addons_contrib for release candidate builds
> 0627329 Fix T49220: Vertex paint doesn't work with OpenSubdiv
> 3b52c40 Fix glUniform called from glBegin/glEnd blocks
> 7f682dd Fix T49226: Incorrect Material viewport shading of Cycles Normal
> Map node in Edit mode for an object with Array modifier
> 1df4f79 Attempt to fix compilation error with static boost on certain
> platforms
> c51cfbb Fix own mistake in recent rB8b2a45052093, broke saving render
> results as images in some cases.
> a31eca3 Fix T49251: moving smoke domain with additional resolution causes
> crash.
> 922aefb OpenSubdiv: Fix missing ORCO when enabling OSD but having
> dependency to the geometry
> 56d2f4c Fix T49252: Crash when image textures used with true displacement
> 8f50969 Fix cast shadows (material option) in the viewport
> e3e8ce0 Add script which scales splash screen down
> b40d1c1 Fix T41883: Strip keyframes not respected for scenes rendered by
> other scenes
> abd54f1 [cmake/cpack] allow override of package name
> c02f9bc Revert "Depsgraph: Prioritize evaluation of the new scheduled
> nodes"
> 049ed1f [cmake/cpack] allow override of package name
> 008afa4 OpenSubdiv: Support multiple materials drawing in Cycles textured
> view
> bcc8639 Fix T49273: Crash during access to dupli weights at launch time.
> 7e7a9d1 Cycles: Fix OpenCL speed regression introduced with the improved
> bump mapping
> 18ae150 Fix T49286: Compilation error with XCode 7.0
> 45f833c Fix T49283: Crash in BKE_ptcache_make_particle_key.
> 3598a3d Cycles: Cleanup: line wrapping
> 27e2317 Cycles: Add asserts to BVH node packing
> 6de08f6 Cycles: Fix regular BVH nodes refit
> b27ba26 Fix T49299: Removing offset object in modifiers doesn't update
> mesh.
> d205bc3 Fix/Workaround T49297: Crash related to custom data draw (Blender
> with ASAN)
> ff1ba08 Fix missing 'prop_required' flags in some ID RNA funcs.
> d8681c9 Fix OpenSubdiv related buffer overrun with multiple FVar channels.
> 9fc1cfc Fix undefined variable on errors in Cycles ctests.
> 96f28f9 [CMAKE/Platform/Windows] Only perform version check if the actual
> compiler is MSVC
> 92a2c49 Cycles: Fix bump mapping to use object space when used with true
> displacement
> 013b46d Cycles: Replace object index hack with actual checks for
> 49df5d0 Cycles: Fix shading and crashes resulting from constant folding on
> displacement
> fb2c435 Cycles: Fix wrong SSS in combination with hair on AVX2 platform
> 0f8f494 Fix T49296, assert failure in Bevel code.
> ad40ae1 Fix T49327: Cycles OSL Mode: RGB Curves node only outputs gray
> scale images
> 52038fd Fix T49290: Specific .blend with hair crashes in MacOS 2.78 RC1 on
> render
> 0307369 Fix T49336: Outliner allows to edit restrict flags for linked
> objects
> 7f67885 Fix T49323: Ineffective bone roll calculation with low rig scale
> d82710c Outliner: Report linked datablock edit failure when trying to
> rename linked data in outliner
> f38f787 Fix bpy.data.user_map() ignoring unused datablocks.
> 33fcd04 Fix T35333: Update some WM/UI API functions docstrings.
> List of addon revisions backported:
> 2d81cef Fix T46042: Netrender: Slave continues to render frames after
> cancellation by job manager.
> 0b42fdf Fix T43966: Network renderer: In large projects the default set
> socket.timeout was to low.
> 511f8c4 Fix T49270: UV Export layout broken since new datablock handling.
> e03cd7e Manual Reference: Update links
> 76d0e68 Manual Reference: Update links
> e77f2f3 Manual Reference: Add links for scene tab
> 82a6aba io_blend_utils: added BlendFileBlock.dna_type_name property
> 1fc1a20 Fix T49338: Export to OBJ add extra space to the texture file name
> on MTL file
> c823f4a Manual Reference: Fix broken links
> 7fbff54 Fix: T49346 looptools undo/gpencil delete
> The list might be extended a bit more before we call the final AHOY for
> rc2. Will keep posted.
> --
> With best regards, Sergey Sharybin

With best regards, Sergey Sharybin

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