[Bf-committers] Material naming

emcéjé emceje at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 13:09:27 CEST 2016

As mixed pipelines does not offer the same possibilities for naming
conventions, it is necessary to offer a cross-platform method for

The current issue is that in 2.78 the old naming possibilities became
degraded compared to the older ones with reducing possible character
numbers from 30 to 23.

For a flexible naming many additional variables need characters.

As an example, I use 3 characters for material resolution (like:_4k),
letters and numbers for colors, variations, etc.; (like: V01_, C01_),
some characters for different rendering engine versions and so on.

With the current degradation I simple cannot use the selection popup
as the important data cannot be seen anymore because of the menu width
and the ....

To be honest as much I think about this '...' function it became more
and more a wrong direction on materials. Material naming was the only
one ever what was organized even by the worst artists I worked. No
Wood.0001 or Wood.002.
Even they gave correct names for their materials.

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