[Bf-committers] Material naming problem - Please solve it!

emcéjé emceje at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 05:21:39 CEST 2016

Hello All,

I use long material and object names in Blender for a reason (Win7 64
bit) on Blender 2.74.

I realized that 2.78 fails to display long material names, instead of
30 it displays only 26 characters (even less - just 23 -  with the
'...' counted) what makes my former naming rules unusable (it is used
in other apps, too so it is essential to work the same way)
So here is my suggestion:
Ideal method for displaying material name pop-up during selection
would be to extend the menu length to actual material name length
(maybe with the max of 256 characters supported), or displaying
minimum 40 _readable_characters.

I understood the logic behind using '...', but that is for people who
do not use well-organized naming procedures (what is a requirement for
team work or for creating asset packs).

As I cannot see any technological reason not to use at least 40
_readable_characters in the pop-up (technically the 'Properties'
toolbar could be as wide as we want), please implement it this way for
the next release.

Thank you.

Screenshot about the 'bug/feature': http://tinypic.com/r/2zprrkh/9

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