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Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Sun Oct 9 01:35:13 CEST 2016

> ...learning more about the code behind particle and fluid simulation, light 
> dynamics, noise generation, or other kinds of generative tools in Blender.

Hello Sonya,

on second thought, what I find interesting in your question is that you
subsume several things under the idea of "generative tools", which,
on the level of technical details, are not so closely related.

But I think you made a valid point here: Often, you'll develop software
with a *constructive* approach. Here I mean, you have a clear understanding
what to build, then you decompose it into manageable parts, and then you
build and embody it into code.

To the contrary, what we are doing here in all those cases is somehow different:
we do not embody fixed things, but rather we represent a given relationship or
behaviour. E.g. the physical behaviour of light when interacting with a diffuse
surface. Or even just the behaviour of a spatially distributed generative noise
function. Thus, the "actual thing" is not built directly into the software, but
rather *passed through* to the user, which is here an artist. The artist may now
work with physical relations or even just abstract mathematical entities, as if
it was some new kind of "clay", and create something that is beautiful.

On 03.10.2016 22:06, Sonya Neunzert wrote:
> .... I'll check out the IRC channel...

Just a Hint: in case you are not very familiar with IRC,
Freenode.net has a web based client, which is fine when you just want
to get a first impression.


Of course, if you spend more time in IRC, it's highly recommended to
use a dedicated client...

-- Hermann

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