[Bf-committers] Retiring Linux GLibc 2.11 builder

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Sun Oct 2 03:25:21 CEST 2016

On 01.10.2016 15:57, Bastien Montagne wrote:
> Anyway, I’m sorry for vfxplatform, but they can’t really be taken seriously…
> C++11 with gcc4.8 [1]? Python2?...

no offence intended, but at my work site in banking/finance industry,
I regularly have to *fight* that I get the /permission/ to build against
Enterprise RedHat 7.x, which just has gcc4.8, which allows me to use at
least some C++11 constructs.

Yes, seriously, in 2016

It is not uncommon, especially in "serious" heavyweight industry,
to rely on a quite conservative setup, paired with support contracts
with very tight response guarantees. When they spot any custom package
on such a system, they'll immediately bail out and you've got all the
blame and are alone with any problems, which is definitively not fun.

Well, in banking, the stakes are high, but I wouldn't be surprised
to encounter a similar mentality anywhere where stakes are high.
Thus I wouldn't just judge based on my impression what is "outdated"...

-- Ichthyo

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