[Bf-committers] COLLADA Node Transform

Recep Aslantas info at recp.me
Thu Nov 3 08:59:59 CET 2016

I've another issue about node transform, since the subject is same I'm writing here

I think Blender exports COLLADA matrix incorrectly in some cases
maybe it is related OpenCOLLADA directly I don't know yet

I created a scene with a sphere and cube, then I scaled cube (ScaleY) a bit
then I added sphere as child of cube, everythings looks normal in Blender
So cube is scaled and sphere is not and sphere model matrix must be ID Matrix in World (I think)

Then I exported as COLLADA, It seems that  Blender exported sphere matrix incorrectly
I was not sure and test in other tools the exported file

The exported Node looks like:

Cube Matrix:

-0.8466222 -0.507823  0.4833452 0
-0.4927458  1.530348 -0.5537914 0
-0.2010783 -1.612002 -0.6780063 0
0                  0                0                1

Sphere Matrix:

-0.8466221  -0.4927458 -0.2010783 0
-0.09768837 0.2943883 -0.3100958 0
0.4833452   -0.5537914 -0.6780063 0
0                   0                  0                1

If the sphere must be Identiy (in World) then Sphere matrix must be inverse of Cube (in Local) in scene-graph
am I right?

After imported the COLLADA file, Blender renders same as I did and different from original,
but Apple Quicklook still render correctly, weird! modo, FBX Review, tree.js renders like my result

I'm sharing .blend, .dae and some screenshots via Dropbox:



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