[Bf-committers] Bachelor Thesis in Parametrization of Meshes

Gruber Aurel augruber at student.ethz.ch
Thu Mar 24 16:16:32 CET 2016

Hey Guys,

I’ve been using blender for several years and am now a Computer Science student at ETH Zürich and currently doing my Bachelor Thesis. It’s about large scale mesh parametrization.

The IGL<http://igl.ethz.ch> department at ETH developed a new algorithm that, altough not quite as fast as the rather simple LSCM, delivers much better results and minimal stretch. You can find a blender file with a comparison with two uv maps here<https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8tVvh1f2GtPemVKNFY1Si0zS2M&usp=sharing>. The paper has not yet been published which is why I can’t send you a link to that, but if someone is interested i can do so as soon as it gets published.

My Thesis is now about implementing that in blender, optimizing some parts of it (such as choice of solver, and acceleration with momentum functions) and evaluating the results. I have written some python plugins for blender in the past for personal use but haven’t messed with the blender source so far. I would therefore be very grateful if I may ask some questions from time to time and it would be awesome if you could direct me to the right people. From what I’ve seen in the dev wiki, Brecht worked on UV unwrapping, right? Can i contact him somehow?

Also, since the algorithm uses some external libraries from IGL and Pardiso (although it falls back to EIGEN if Pardiso is not found) how are such scenarios usually handled? Should everything be rewritten to comply to Blender code conventions? Can libraries be used if the license permits it?

Thanks to all the people who have worked on Blender so far, it’s truly awesome and I’m glad i get a chance to work of some of it too!


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