[Bf-committers] Windows XP support

Martijn Berger martijn.berger at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 21:07:32 CET 2016

HI Mike,

We could switch to PSAPI version 2 when targeting vista or above.
I am sure there are others as just this one could have been handled without creating the **_xp variants of the toolchain.
For me personally I think switching to mdvc 2015 is more important ( I know vc140_xp exists but lets not go there )
and I do not run XP or Vista anymore and I do not know any other blender dev that does. 
Claiming real support based on that is a bit of a false promise.

> On 29 Jan 2016, at 21:00, Mike Erwin <significant.bit at gmail.com> wrote:
> What newer APIs do we want to use but are being held back by XP? I know the
> jump from Win 2000 to XP was because of the RawInput API for keyboard and
> 3D mice. I'm not making the case for keeping XP support forever, just want
> a clear case for dropping it now instead of during 2.8.
> Thomas Dinges <blender at dingto.org> wrote:
>> Additionally, with the OpenGL 2.1 bump in 2.77, I bet a lot of these
>> ancient systems, combined with Intel GMA cards will fail anyway. So what
>> is the point?
> Martijn Berger <martijn.berger at gmail.com> wrote:
>> ... and usually hardware to match.
> Combined with a crappy GPU, accept failure! But you can run many decent
> GPUs under XP.
> Windows 7 with latest service pack is a great target for 2.8. And MSVC 2015
> as soon as possible! (It can still build for XP :))
> Mike Erwin
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