[Bf-committers] Documentation editing is not user friendly

Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 11:04:42 CET 2016

The cost of entry IMOHO is way to high. With Wikipedia I don't even have to
be logged in to edit. They do semi protect and protect some areas of
Wikipedia meaning you do have to log in or have right but most of it is
open. I have on many occasion thought I would like to fix something in
Blender's manual but there was no way I was going through all that just to
fix one mistake. I am sure I am not alone in this.

BTW I want to clearly state that Aaron Carlisle (sorry I forgot your name
before) was and is a great help but I should not need him to do this. I
should not need to install software to do simple edits or learn a new
markup language, even if it is easy.

So no point beating a dead house. I think it needs to change. We are
certainly losing a lot of help by it being so complicated to chip in.

I read over the other conversation and found this quote. I think it sums up
the problem, as I see it, very well.


I've reviewed the ideas posted on this topic, and given the matter a
good deal of thought. My reaction is mixed. In theory, I wouldn't have
any problem with porting the User Manual for Blender to the Sphinx
platform, (or some other one, if it be deemed reasonable and proper to
do so). However, since Blender is open source, and community developed,
I think it that it is imperative that there be mechanism for maintaining
user development of the documentation, too. And, unless I totally
misunderstand the new platform (and that's not an outlandish
possibility), moving the whole manual to the proposed new platform is
going to reduce the contributions to the documentation by members of the
community by a couple of orders of magnitude, and unless there is a
sizeable cohort of documentation waiting in the wings, I'm loathe to
disenfranchise a significant number of contributors to the documentation."

It has been almost a year since the change, I think. How has the rate
of editing changed? It the quality better? Is it going better now? Do
we have any stats?


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