[Bf-committers] Blender and CFD simulations,

Johnny P. cae.mefeagroup at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 18:22:05 CET 2016


I am new in work with Blender, even if in the past I use 3D Max for some
personal projects.
I have some questions regard to implementation in Blender (on CFD module)
of a new capabilities of simulations :

-Blender use OpenFOAM as solver for CFD ?
-how I can implement a new fields of CFD simulations using Python?
-exist some documentations about how to enter in Blender , for an existing
module (in my case CFD), a new capabilities of simulations (new algorithms
) with respect the already existing one?
-if I have possibility to upgrade the existing module of CFD from Blender,
how I can link the new fields from Blender to solver of OpenFOAM as is made
now (if OpenFOAM represent solver of CFD from Blender)?

I am interested first of all about integration of capabilities from
OpenFOAM, and second priority is Code_Salome (with respect the same
procedure as for actual dedicate module CFD).
My principal purpose is to do in Blender:

-Import/Create Geometry/Models/parts/assemblies;
-Create MeshAdd material properties in concordance with solver (here CFD);
-Create contacts between parts;Add boundary conditions;
-Configure solver in concordance with solver (for example here OpenFOAM);
-To create a link between Blender and CFD solver in a way in which is press
button "Solve" the problem to be solve by the CFD solver (here for ex.
OpenFOAM);Post-process of simulation (visualization of results) will be
made in Paraview software, and if is necessary for more spectacle in

I waiting with higher interest your answer, sugestion and recommendation.

Also any link about Python tutorials regard to usage on Blender is welcome.

Keep in touch.

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