[Bf-committers] Fw: blender as ui for game engine

Arnaud Loonstra arnaud at sphaero.org
Tue Jan 26 12:34:23 CET 2016

Hey Hewi,

I haven't been following your work since TableGUI but I hope your new 
work is very related.

I also hope your work will be C based (not C++ or related/higherlevel).
I'm not sure if it is useful but I would recommend looking at the 
zproject for example which helps you structure your C code into a class 
like approach but also automically generates bindings for most 




On 2016-01-26 10:41, hewi jupama wrote:
> pre-scriptum
> all,
> Apologies for the duplication of previous mails, I had
> server/networking issues, which made my "in-box" not being 
> up-to-date.
> message:
> Hey Devs,
> Thank you all for being so patient and still providing with
> constructive feed-back after all this ping-pong.
> Regarding the discussion of the Blender refactoring, I must admit I
> am very tired of discussing more, of writing down yet more words and
> trying to yet again convince it needs to happen (soon if you want to
> be ready for 2020 and for Blender V3.0 ;)
> I am a scientific consultant and my main job is conducting research.
> I can say I did lots of research into the possible ways of 
> structuring
> code and projects.  Unfortunately, despite it's possible cons, the
> plugin system is by far the best model.  The latest research I did
> regarding projects and organisation was the OpenHAB project (for home
> automation).  One rock solid core engine which is fully extendable by
> plugin in front-ends or back end bindings (but written in Java; see,
> sometimes people make mistakes :).  Not one single watermarked
> restriction what's o ever there!  On the contrary, all these
> proprietary bozo's are now writing plugins themselves to plugin their
> devices too.  The dream world exists!
> So, as mentioned before, enough blah blah, on with the boem boem :)
> I will place core source on sourceforge, working on account, data
> model and folder structure as we speak.  The goal is written on the
> wiki BUI page, it is not the goal of writing beautiful or perfect 
> code
> (though it does help significantly) but instead I want to write rock
> solid, efficient and fully testable code!
> - Regarding the support, I only ask the permission to at least
> mention the project in the IRC discussion channel and possibly,
> occasionally, ask for advise, review or feed-back.
> - I will not ask for time investment of any dev, but allow me look
> for people whom are interested in helping out in 
> restructuring/writing
> the BUI
> It is indeed best to start from scratch with a new design, I would
> still like it to be part of the Blender 'community'.
> It is still the intention and absolute goal to provide the fully
> fledged blender interface for starting artist to make a "short
> animated" from start to finish!  Also not to break the current 
> blender
> app but instead gradually convert into this, well told you before,
> rock solid, flexible and fully extendable beauty, purring like a
> kitten when you push "render", oh how I love that sound!
> Of course there will be water marked plugins, but those will NOT
> prevent you from creating a "free" short animated.  NOBODY will EVER
> watermark a .blend file!! Over my dead ***** body, and yours too i'd
> imagine.
> Show must go on,
> agenda:
> - rephrase wiki BUI abstract
> - continue Sourceforge project
> - get code online
> KR, Hewi
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