[Bf-committers] Fw: blender as ui for game engine

hewi jupama hewi at jupama.org
Tue Jan 26 10:41:37 CET 2016



Apologies for the duplication of previous mails, I had server/networking issues, which made my "in-box" not being up-to-date.


Hey Devs,

Thank you all for being so patient and still providing with constructive feed-back after all this ping-pong.  

Regarding the discussion of the Blender refactoring, I must admit I am very tired of discussing more, of writing down yet more words and trying to yet again convince it needs to happen (soon if you want to be ready for 2020 and for Blender V3.0 ;)

I am a scientific consultant and my main job is conducting research.  I can say I did lots of research into the possible ways of structuring code and projects.  Unfortunately, despite it's possible cons, the plugin system is by far the best model.  The latest research I did regarding projects and organisation was the OpenHAB project (for home automation).  One rock solid core engine which is fully extendable by plugin in front-ends or back end bindings (but written in Java; see, sometimes people make mistakes :).  Not one single watermarked restriction what's o ever there!  On the contrary, all these proprietary bozo's are now writing plugins themselves to plugin their devices too.  The dream world exists!

So, as mentioned before, enough blah blah, on with the boem boem :)  I will place core source on sourceforge, working on account, data model and folder structure as we speak.  The goal is written on the wiki BUI page, it is not the goal of writing beautiful or perfect code (though it does help significantly) but instead I want to write rock solid, efficient and fully testable code!

- Regarding the support, I only ask the permission to at least mention the project in the IRC discussion channel and possibly, occasionally, ask for advise, review or feed-back.

- I will not ask for time investment of any dev, but allow me look for people whom are interested in helping out in restructuring/writing the BUI

It is indeed best to start from scratch with a new design, I would still like it to be part of the Blender 'community'.  
It is still the intention and absolute goal to provide the fully fledged blender interface for starting artist to make a "short animated" from start to finish!  Also not to break the current blender app but instead gradually convert into this, well told you before, rock solid, flexible and fully extendable beauty, purring like a kitten when you push "render", oh how I love that sound!
Of course there will be water marked plugins, but those will NOT prevent you from creating a "free" short animated.  NOBODY will EVER watermark a .blend file!! Over my dead ***** body, and yours too i'd imagine.

Show must go on,
- rephrase wiki BUI abstract
- continue Sourceforge project
- get code online

KR, Hewi

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