[Bf-committers] Intesting smal suggestions

Ivam Pretti ivamprettimn at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 14:38:21 CET 2016

I have three small sugestions to make that will improve a lot the usability
of some important features in blender:

first - > Shrink modifier: it needs a influency vertex group, so we can
adjust the vertices that are the target to shrink to.

Its usefull to cloths and a lot of other things.

second -> a new modifier: weld vertices or something like that. vertex
close enough mix each other in pars to one vertex of different meshes.

third -> this wold be to the source code of blender, you could use
fundamental blocks of code, every time this code appear in the software,
use the same block of code, instead of creating a lot of similar code, this
avoid mistakes like in the particle instances assign, it doesnt behave like
assign materials, and other linking data philosofy of blender. Avoid
unessary documentation, etc.  Other example, are belzier curves, curves in
graph editor, it should have  a standart pattern to all curves in blender,
even in 2d or 3d, or something like that.

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