[Bf-committers] blender as ui for game engine

hewi jupama hewi at jupama.org
Fri Jan 22 19:49:03 CET 2016

How I love this discussion, you (may) know me.

Allow me to again write you too many lines for people not to have time to read ;)

>> What part of Blender's C core is neglected exactly?

How funny you are asking.  have you ever looked at the creator.c file, the first and most basic file from blender, where it all starts:

	if (G.background) {
		/* actually incorrect, but works for now (ton) */

auch, that is when I say +1 for me.  And literally, this is just the start!  The blender C core code is riddled with these comments and hacks and it needs lots and lots of refactoring.  If you don't agree or see that, mmmh ... ? (don't know how to put that nicely so I wont put anything :)

>> However the purpose of the "Blender" project is to:
>> "build a free and open source complete 3D creation pipeline for
>> artists and small teams."

You are however absolutely right, the blender foundation wants to provide "a tool for ... " It is very important and a real privilege to see blender is sticking to these goals.  Many projects fail because they divert from their initial goal!  

We are discussing the preparation of the blender source code for 2020, to make it extendable and easily maintainable. To make it stick to the current conventions and guidelines on coding and project management (e.g. the ubiquitous right hand rule of XYZ Axis as a main source of sadness every time I open blender).   This, apparently, has nothing to do with current blender vision nor it's goals.  I see that now (I was involved very closely in the Blender Plugin System (BPS) discussion). 

>> we're not looking to prevent you from trying this.

But you're not providing much of support either.  I was actually prohibited by Mr Roosendaal himself to discuss the BPS system on the developer irc channel "as it is not a supported project from the blender foundation".  Well, that makes me very sad.

>> But *expecting* this will be accepted into master isn't reasonable

Exactly wright and 100% correct yet again.  During Blender conference 2015, the question was raised why blender did not support these ideas or projects, Mr Roosendaals' reply was: "if you want that, you will just have to create your own community" (I am paraphrasing here, but it is essentially what he said)

So basically, any discussion to refactor blender's source should be taken offline or elsewhere online, until the dev's and Ton see the benefit and are convinced of the relevance.

> That's why I sent this email out to the group to see how many people would
> be willing to support me while I did this but the response seems less than
> luke warm, although I might be totally wrong.

I had this idea already somewhere Dec 2013.  My idea was to create a BUI (blender user interface) and extend that using a plugin system.  



My intention to achieve this is still not just luke warm but boiling hot.  Despite all the ice cubes that were thrown in my path.  I have source code ready to be reviewed.  I just need a place to drop it and we can start developing.  

If you look through the spaghetti source code and all it's circular dependencies, you will find the source is not that hard at all.  It of course needs time and a good initial set-up.

throw me a private line "hewi at jupama.org" to discuss future evolution of this idea.  Discussing it here will only cool you down.

KR, hewi

ps: Again i have though hard and long and over and over and doubted and re-read and re-phrased before I pushed the send button.  But, freedom of speech in mind, I finally did.  

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