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Owen Hogarth II gurenchan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 09:52:31 CET 2016

Jacob that's usually where it all ends up, stalled. They are trying to
write a java parser for the python code when in all actuality if the core
of blender was reorganized a bit, there would be no need for these types of
things. c is universal, blender is built on c and for ease of use the
blender team decided to allow python scripts to allow more users to write
useful tools which they do, no doubt about that.

But for this type of work those things will only cause trouble, python to
java or those topical fixes seem to work for a while until you run into
memory issues, how does python manage memory vs java, do you want to deal
with trying to maintain that?

reorganizing the c code and then engines can speak directly to blender.
There won't need to be separate code to maintain, it will be a part of the
main blender repo. You tell blender how to export models from c and your
game engine interprets that data however you choose. Want blender to
triangulate your mesh, write resources to a certain format, etc... That can
all be done from c but it's not easy to get to the way the current blender
code is organized.

If you follow all those people who've attempted to do a topical fix they
all get burnt out and sorta walk away or just disappear. The google code
guy who did the android port, where did he go after the summer of code?
Around 2011 there was a lot of excitement around that project and it just
fizzled out. I am pretty sure he left one because time was up but also
managing memory from two different languages with different memory models
is not easy to solve. It's going to take looking at the problem in a
different way and a little time to make serious changes. That's why I am
looking for the community support.


On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 4:42 PM, Jacob Merrill <blueprintrandom1 at gmail.com>

> sorry bad link -
> I'm aiming to create a generic (any version) import/export of Blender
> files for Java.
> So far, I've developed a tool which uses the type information from your
> StructDNA to generate Java classes which serve as type safe facets to
> access data from .blend files. Finally found a suitable concept for the
> type mapping to Java (considering pointers, type casts and the dirty
> stuff possible in C ;)).
> Now, I wanted to add a loader which actually just needs to organise the
> incoming data, which comes in instances of the generated data model, in
> some "Library". The same way as you do it in struct Main (BKE_main.h).
> But I have to admit, that I've got lost in your code there - because you
> are scanning for blocks with IDs "LI" and "ID" which does not exist in
> my reference file (v2.69).
> Are those not in all files or is that code for earlier file versions?
> I've read the short intro in blendloader/internal/readfile.c which made
> me confused looking at the content of my file.
> Can someone of you give me some (brief) hints on how it is supposed to
> work?
> Regards
>   Holger
> homac at strace.org
> On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 12:41 AM, Jacob Merrill <
> blueprintrandom1 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > I don't know if this is what your looking for
> >
> > https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#search/add+on+java/1513f8f84cc1e25d
> >
> > On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 12:40 AM, Jacob Merrill <
> > blueprintrandom1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >> I am not sure how the android blender players of the past handled it,
> >> but I know they were not 100% functional anyway,
> >>
> >> I did notice a email from ton about a Java backbone thing for addons,
> >>
> >> I will dig.
> >>
> >
> >
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