[Bf-committers] VSE movie and other improvements

Thomas Beck software at plasmasolutions.de
Fri Jan 8 11:36:44 CET 2016

Hi Joshua,

I saw that you already committed a "fix" for the missing "frame rate
update" on import. This may be great for first time users and even great
when you only have one strip to import, but in our massive VSE projects
here at Plasmasolutions it really raises our error level. In every VSE
project (40GB data / 120 clips on average) we have many different frame
rates because some strips are meant to "just play as is" others are meant
to be slow motion clips and so on. Your option makes it so that all our
slowmo clips cause Blender to change the frame rate - which is catastrophic
as this causes aligned audio strips to overlap even when the scene frame
rate is reset to the original value (just happened to us).

Even disabling this option in the file browser is only a temporary solution
as the option is lost on a Blender restart and not easy to unset per
default in all PCs at our studio. If it "has" to be an option then it would
be much better to have it in the user prefs where we could globally disable

I'll be on IRC later on...

CU Thomas

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2016-01-08 8:58 GMT+01:00 Sybren A. Stüvel <sybren at stuvel.eu>:

> On Fri, Jan 08, 2016 at 04:52:23PM +1300, Joshua Leung wrote:
> > 1) Add a "Fit to Frame" for images, instead of only "stretch to fit"
> > or "crop"
> This would be great. We might even have a longer list of possible
> options, similar to what's offered when setting a desktop background.
> > Since you're dealing with a lot of these images, and not all of them
> > are horizontal or vertical only, it's much more of a pain to have to
> > deal with Transform strips to get things in order, while "stretch to
> > fit" is really ugly  (imagine, portrait photos, stretched out to be
> > short and wide).
> There is a strip option already that prevents this, so you don't need
> a transform strip here. However, it's not really clear that this is
> its effect, and it's only a boolean (i.e. not a choice between all the
> options you might want to have).
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