[Bf-committers] "Blender, an appraisal from a first time user"

Mikhail Rachinskiy wellmaderice at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 12:54:24 CET 2016

> Theres a bug on Intel cards we had reported many times where opening
> new windows crashes…
> We could open a file selector and prompt the user to save to disk.

That could be a solution too, but since Blender does not have a modal
popups user can accidentally move his mouse away and miss the prompt (I
noticed that happens a lot).
I would prefer more visual behavior similar to render option: by choosing
“Sys info” menu the largest area turns into a “Text Editor” with sys-info
datablock already selected, and by pressing “Esc” previous area will be

But either of the proposed solutions would be MUCH better than current

Mikhail Rachinskiy

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